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Lenten Daily Devotional

Lenten Daily Family Devotions

Prayer for the Day from Someone Feeling Alone
“He was in the wilderness forty days, tempted by Satan...” (Mark 1:13)
THE LIE: When I think about Jesus and how He was tempted three times in the dessert, it was all about being something different or even being something better. So, I plan, if I can win in the debate competition, I can be president of the club so I can have influence. If I do something great like sing my solos in front of many audiences, I can have praise from so many. If I can dress just the right way, I can be someone that others admire. If I take on others shifts at work, my boss will recognize me. I am so tired of trying. The difference is that Jesus said, "NO” to each temptation because he knew that God's way is not to be relevant, or spectacular, or powerful. God's way is the opposite. "Blessed are the humble. Blessed are the poor of heart. Blessed are the peacemakers." So why do I keep trying to do it the way I think is right and find myself so alone.
PRAYER: Jesus, let me release my fears to you. Let me hold on to your love that was given me at my Baptism. And let me be changed by your grace. Help me to let go of my plans. Thank you for never letting go of me. I love you Lord. Amen.